I’ve never posted to groupthink before and well, I can't post this to facebook without making a large portion of my family and friends question my humanity so here goes…

If there is any phrase in this world that gives me that fingernails on a chalkboard feeling when I hear it, it is the term pro-life. With that in mind, I've create a list of ways to know that you’re not actually pro-life.


So without further ado, you aren’t actually pro-life if…

1. You believe that the death penalty is okay, but abortion isn’t.

What you actually are: Anti-abortion or anti-choice. If you were actually pro-life, you would believe that every life has value including a convicted murderer’s life.


An action you could take: Begin being truthful by ceasing to call yourself pro-life and begin to call yourself anti-abortion or anti-choice.

2. You believe that abortion is okay if the mother was a victim of rape or incest OR if the mother’s life is in danger, but not for any other reason.


What you actually are: You are pro-choice. You believe that the victim has a right to choose whether to remain pregnant by her rapist. You believe that the mother has a right to choose if her life is in danger.

Relevance: Today in Chili, an 11 year old girl is about to give birth to her stepfather’s child. It is unlikely her little body will be able to give birth to safely. A woman in the Dominican Republic was denied an abortion that would have allowed her to receive treatment for cancer. Both she and the fetus died. In Ireland, a woman bled to death from a miscarriage when doctors refused to perform an abortion because there was still a fetal heartbeat. Both she and the fetus died. In all three countries, abortion is 100% illegal.


An action you could take: Rather than work with a group of people who seek to eliminate the right to choose from everyone, work to make sure that comprehensive sex education is taught in schools and that birth control is cheap and readily available to everyone that needs it. Or advocate for victim’s rights. Also, stop thinking that you have the right to make that decision for anyone else regardless of the circumstances.

3. You believe that abortion is never okay even if the mother was raped or if her life is in danger.


What you actually are: Anti-abortion or anti-choice. Maybe a monster. You certainly aren’t pro-life because the only life that matters to you is the life of the unborn child. The mother’s life doesn’t mean anything to you.

An action you could take: Re-evaluate your life choices. If you’re a Christian, start by treating your neighbor as you wish to be treated. Shake out the old imagination and put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a minute. If that still doesn’t work, I’ll be praying that God grants you what you need to develop empathy for that situation which is a nice southern woman’s way of saying “A curse you and all your descendants.” It’s very Old Testament. If you believe that abortion is never okay, you should totally approve of that.


4. You are a right-wing, pro-life politician and you ask your girlfriend to get an abortion. Bonus points if you are married to someone else. (Applicable to any type of high profile pro-life person including clergy.)

What you actually are: Congratulations, you are a big old hypocrite and also, pro-choice. You believe that your girlfriend should choose not to be pregnant so that your reputation won’t be besmirched.


Relevance: Google Tennessee politicians asks his mistress to get an abortion. It is fun. This guy’s wife also had two abortions with his full consent.

An Action You Could Take: Stop being a gigantic hypocrite and stop trying to make laws that impact the vaginas that your penis has not entered. I would also accept retire from politics altogether.


5. You think it is okay for you or someone that you love to have an abortion because of circumstances, but it isn’t okay for anyone else to have an abortion.

What you actually are: Again, you’re a total hypocrite. You are also pro-choice. You think that circumstances make it appropriate for you or your loved one to have the right to choose an abortion, but no one else has circumstances that would give them the same right.


An action you can take: Realize that you aren’t a special snowflake and that other reasons can be just as valid as yours or your loved ones. Try for a little empathy and stop thinking that you have the right to make that decision for anyone else.

This is naturally just a start. There are many other things that might indicate that you aren’t actually pro-life. Such as cutting funding to Medicaid, not advocating for universal healthcare, not advocating for paid leave for mothers, etc. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

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